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Leadership in one’s life means different things to different people. For some, it’s about being the best leader they can be for their own business. For others, it’s about growing into their first leadership role within an organization. In other cases, it may be about taking the lead in one’s personal growth and purpose. And for others (perhaps for all of us), it can be about growing our relationships with our partners, family, friends, children, and other loved ones.

It’s all about Living Leadership. Everyday.

This is VITA Leadership. VITA. LIFE.

VITA Leadership supports individuals, teams, and businesses in achieving their goals to grow, transform, and make a purposeful impact.

We worked with Mariaelena multiple times when different events arose, and each and every time we benefited from the advice and insight Mariaelena provided. Her impact was profound. We went from going around in circles, and being stuck, to having a clear vision and the ability to move forward.

Everyone on our team found Mariaelena’s involvement with the company to be highly effective and truly game changing. She is exceptional at what she does and we will continue to consult with her whenever the need arises.

– Rebecca R., Founding Partner of Riskin Partners

Mariaelena. What can’t she do? Great mind. Brilliant people skills. Honest. Honorable. Kind. Committed. Driven. Steady. Whatever Mariaelena sets out to do, she will accomplish. She is utterly trustworthy and competent and if she is on your team, you have a true asset.

– Beth G., Real Estate Agent

If you are considering bringing in Mariaelena to support your organization, stop thinking and just do it. Mariaelena has been an integral part of our management development through her coaching and Emotional Intelligence work. She “gets” our style and culture and is able to connect with our people. She consistently receives great reviews from our staff after she facilitates activities. She is extremely flexible and easy to work with and I cannot recommend her more strongly.

– Greg G., Director of Learning and Development Procore Technologies

Coaching sessions with Mariaelena Welch produce extraordinary “aha” moments. Part teacher, part visionary, part therapist, she nudges me beyond my own myopic view and gently guides me to a more strategic, successful vision for my business.

– Diane D.M., President DDM Metering Systems, Inc.

Mariaelena is an exceptional instructor and coach. She is organized, prepared, down to earth, and an expert who can quote the source documents that inform her approach. Her ability to connect with a demographically diverse group who also reside along the full spectrum of the management/leadership ladder is rare and inspiring. Her 8-hour seminar is the best I have attended in 30 years.

– Kathy B., Executive Leader

I am in year two of coaching by Mariaelena Welch. She has helped me identify the areas of my business to focus on and then kept me on track or make changes as necessary. In the first year we focused on helping my employees take on more and more challenging roles and providing them with the training to do so. This allows me not only the ability to work at a higher level, but more free time. Mariaelena’s insights and tools to evaluate employees “triggers” and help them grow were so beneficial. With Mariaelena’s help, I hope to have more and more free time while my business continues to grow. And to accomplish this with a delighted staff as well!

– Sharon M., President of Professional Service Firm

As a guy, I was a little apprehensive about opening up to someone but I’m very happy to have met Mariaelena. She coached me through a professional transition which has worked out very well.  She was skillful in putting me to work on myself and holding me accountable to achieving the goals that I set. From working with Mariaelena I could see that she quickly identifies people’s strengths, and effectively facilitates the direction needed to make achievements. I’m definitely looking forward to working with Mariaelena again!

– Confidential, Construction Company Executive

I am very happy to be able to recommend Mariaelena Welch. She has supported our leadership team through her executive and leadership coaching, operational expertise, and strong business acumen. She has the combination of experience, knowledge, and skills that make her a trusted resource whom I know I can rely on – especially when I need a fresh or honest perspective. This has been invaluable over the years as our business evolves and transforms. I find Mariaelena to have a very unique combination of personal and business skills, and has a way of getting at and communicating issues to a diverse audience. I love having her as a resource, and knowing that when we have tough problems, important decision, or just want a “tune up” she is there for us.

– Kenneth G., President ESN Group, Inc.

Mariaelena will help to put you in the best position to succeed. She was instrumental in helping me brainstorm how to have my business stand out from the crowd, and how to leave a lasting impression on potential consumers.

“Inspiring” is the word that comes to mind when I think about Mariaelena. She is genuinely interested in who you are as a person and by asking the right questions she’s able to draw out characteristics about your company that you may have not even known existed before. She has enthusiasm and passion for the work she does and her wealth of knowledge is tremendous and invaluable.

– Mary Beth L., Founder + Designer [IN]LARKIN

Mariaelena brings a wide breath of education and experience to many varied topics. Besides understanding the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence she also has a strong business sense and the vision to see the big picture as well as making sure the details don’t fall through the cracks.

– Ed E., Co-Founder Co-Owner Village Properties

It was wonderful to work with Mariaelena – she takes her time to listen and tries to support her client in concrete ways.  I look forward to working with her for many more years to come!

– Ji A., Founder/Executive Director of Million Little

Mariaelena Welch is fully present and listens with a full and open heart. She guides me to my own answers with strength and calm. I leave my appointments with direction, clarity and a strong sense of empowerment. I am most grateful to have discovered this fine lady!

– Holly M., Real Estate Agent

Mariaelena’s coaching is thorough, thoughtful and thought-provoking. She is helping to guide my business through its latest difficult growth stage, helping me to overcome financial fears and logistical roadblocks. She provides insights and guidance organically, by following my lead and through active listening. I can honestly say that any business owner could benefit from Mariaelena’s expert guidance.

– Maureen C., Owner, Red Hen Cannery, Award-Winning Jams and Marmalades

I have loved having Mariaelena as a coach in guiding the growth of my business.  Her experience, insight and kindness creates a safe space for me to share opportunities, challenges, and personal issues that I deal with. I feel empowered when she helps me navigate them from a pragmatic and realistic standpoint. I’m truly in awe of her ability to help me hone in on priority action items when I present her with lots of information given the always fluctuating elements of growing a small business. Her ability to see through the chaos, synthesize data, and articulate resolutions in an easy to grasp manner is exactly what I (the over-thinking, idea-heavy entrepreneur) need. The confidence and expertise she brings to her coaching and support will have a lasting impact on me and my business and for that I am forever grateful.

– Melissa R.M., Founder Thrive Beauty Services

Mariaelena has been a true support in getting my business off the ground.  She is practical, truthful and doesn’t beat around the bush.  I feel like I’m in good hands with Mariaelena.  She’s not going to tell me what she thinks I want to hear but will tell me what she truly thinks will help me and my business.  I value her insights and feel privileged to have Mariaelena on my team!

– Lisa S., Owner OT Arts

The time that I’ve spent with Mariaelena Welch has been valuable and vital to my personal and business growth. I can come to her with challenges with my day to day operations, and she will offer solutions that I can easily incorporate. She holds me accountable for my goals while reminding me of my accomplishments. I would highly recommend Mariaelena if you are struggling to organize or need help moving forward in your business.

– Elaine O.M. – Laine Designs – Ventura CA

When it comes to business coaches there are many possibilities with a wide variety of protocols and personal styles, what Mariaelena does for me is help me integrate my passion for creativity with sound business and manufacturing ideas. Her style is personable and very approachable with keen problem solving skills. She has enabled me and given me the confidence to move through my doubts and challenges as I continue to grow my business with enthusiasm.

– Mary W., Founder Sacred Mists

Mariaelena taught a training session to my team of sales and service professionals at our annual Summit event, which received excellent reviews. Mariaelena is an engaging and warm speaker, and I found her EQ based training to be relevant and valuable. The materials, content and exercises were well-organized and meaningful, and Mariaelena did a nice job of encouraging audience participation and engagements.

– Kim C., Senior Vice President Appfolio

Mariaelena provided us training on Project Management. Staff is saying that this is the best training we have ever had. She gave us tools to solve problems that have vexed us. Mariaelena’s personality and energy brought the material to life. Her depth of experience was evident in the solutions she was able to provide to everyday real-life project management challenges.

– Diane W., COO Santa Barbara Natural History Museum


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